Friday, March 14, 2014

What I learned from my mother

You learned that true love is infinite , those that remain intact despite multiple injuries and disappointments.
Learned with you , the magic that hides a kiss, a caress, a word to heal the wounds , to restore calm , to ward off ghosts.
You learned that patience can be inexhaustible , no matter how many times I'm wrong you can always start again, and your guide can find the right path .

You learned that intuition can be your best companion, a hunch of yours must be heard. How many times your heart knew the truth and I do not listen ?
You learned true wisdom , that you'll never get in the books , that only teach you the lessons of life and end up being vital to your existence.

You learned what sacrifice means , that it is love and that although it may be a lifetime , always let the sweet taste of satisfaction and joy.
You learned what it is to give life without dying , which is empty and still feel the heart beating harder, as is to deliver all you have and you still feel the biggest holder of fortune.

You learned that the distance does not exist, that love covers us wherever we are.
I learned that love you know I resign from the company , if that happiness depends , it depends if the other powerful dreams.
You learned that love does not protect us from mistakes and fall, but that is always there to soften the fall .

You learned about kindness, about giving lavishly and without restriction, even if you do not receive anything in return .
You learned that the word THANKS is so small, but it is the only one that holds my remuneration to all your love .
You learned that no matter the years pass , your embrace will always be my refuge and place where I will seek always calm.

You learned what the phrase " my children will always be my children," because I become your embrace girl, the girl that craves even your protection and still believes in the power of your kisses to heal wounds .
I learned that even though you're not perfect , you're the best of my life, and I am what I am because of your love.